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Welcome to urticator.net!

Check out the four-dimensional maze game I wrote! And the four-dimensional blocks program that allows you to play with toy blocks and trains!

If you're looking for the original urticator.net project, don't worry, it's alive and well; the latest batch of essays was released for December (2017). Also, here's the whole thing as a single file.

urticator_net-2017-12.zip (about 4M)
urticator_net-2017-12.tgz (about 2M)

If you'd like to encourage future work on the maze game, urticator.net, or various other projects that I have in mind, it's now possible to donate. I've got all kinds of ideas, it's just a matter of finding the time and enthusiasm!

If you're looking for information about my work well, that's over here.

Or, if you're looking for my home page, congratulations, you've found it.

Although there are lots of links from my home page into the urticator.net project, the two are not the same thing. To help keep them distinct, I've set the home page background color to off-white.


* NEW! *
4D Blocks