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As you can see in my contact information, I think of myself as a software design consultant. But what's that supposed to mean? Well, it's actually a straightforward description of what I like to do, namely, to consult, or advise, regarding the design of software. I like to brainstorm, to imagine possible architectures; to create prototypes and templates; and to review and revise existing code, making it clearer and more reliable. As far as actual designs are concerned, I'm good at factoring large systems into independent modules, and I like to make things that are simple, uniform, and abstract, so that they're nice and reliable.

In practice, I also act as a contractor, and write plenty of actual code. As such, I'm capable of doing almost anything, but mostly I prefer to stick to my strong points, which are networking, databases, and server components. I'm also quite good at producing small things quickly.

I am not a big fan of credentials, and would prefer to convince you that I'm useful by meeting in person and offering some sample advice for free, but if you like that sort of thing, I do have a résumé.

If you're interested, but would like more detail, I've written up some notes on procedures, i.e., how I like to do things, and on rates and billing.