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I just finished reading Bruce Sterling's latest, Distraction, and was completely blown away. This is exactly what science fiction is supposed to be.

Not only that, there were a couple of spots that had me laughing out loud, and that I will now quote for you.

The sight of all that joinery and tubing, complex and gleaming in its tatty plastic straw, filled Oscar with a sudden evil rush of authentic Sartrean nausea.

This was just too perfect. I could see myself there looking at all that stuff and imagine the exact feeling. Or so I thought … I just now made the mistake of looking up what Sartre had to say before I had expressed my own feeling in words, and now I don't know if they were the same or not. Anyway, here's a quote from Nausea, via Bartlett's.

Everything is gratuitous, this garden, this city and myself. When you suddenly realize it, it makes you feel sick and everything begins to drift … that's nausea.

Returning to Distraction, here's the other one of those spots I mentioned.

With a stern effort of will, Oscar forced himself to consider Kevin's proposal seriously. “An army of unemployed nomads, constructing giant, intelligent domes. … You know, that's really a compelling image. I really hate to dismiss that idea out of hand. It's so modern and photogenic and nonlinear. There's a lovely carrying-the-war-to-the-enemy momentum there.”

There's nothing I can add to this.


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