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A Game I Used to Play

Back in college, when I used to do a fair amount of interstate driving, I used to play a little game with myself. The idea was that every day I was required to discover at least one new thing about driving. The new thing wasn't required to be about any particular aspect of driving—traffic patterns, ideas about driving safely, all were fair game, and if the new thing belonged in a new category, so much the better. I guess I must have had a natural interest in such things, to invent the game in the first place, but I doubt I would have noticed nearly as much without it. So, if you happen to be doing a lot of driving, I recommend my game to you.

I don't really play any more, myself, but I do still notice new things occasionally. More often, though, I am reminded of things I've noticed in the past and then forgotten about. Unfortunately, you see, it took a long time for me to think of keeping track of my discoveries, and an even longer time for me to do anything about it. But now, now that I'm finally collecting my thoughts in these essays, I'll be able to notice things, write essays about them, and then forget about them. Actually, I figure the thoughts will be much easier to remember once I've attached names to the previously vague and formless ideas and imposed an organizational structure on the whole.


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