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In the HOV Lane

One Sunday afternoon, about a year and a half ago, I was driving along the interstate on my way home from a trip I'd been on. I was speeding like everyone else, only more so, but I was having trouble getting through the traffic.

The problem was, the other drivers weren't behaving like they were supposed to. Instead of forming the usual bubbles and barriers that I knew how to deal with, they were spread out randomly up and down the highway, over all three lanes, so that the gaps between cars weren't large enough for good mobility; and instead of shifting around and moving with correct relative speed, they were all going at exactly the same speed, so that nothing was changing. Grr!

As I was sitting there fuming, I couldn't help but notice the wide-open HOV lane right next to me. (That's the high occupancy vehicle lane, a.k.a. the carpool lane, for those of you who've missed out on seeing one firsthand.) I was by myself, so I wasn't supposed to go into it, but well, I was already speeding, already breaking the law, right? Might as well hang for a sheep as a lamb, right? So, off I went!

So there I was, cruising down the empty HOV lane, right past all those annoying drivers. I felt a few twinges of guilt, or perhaps cognitive dissonance, but mostly I was just pleased with myself. And then then I saw a little sign that said that the HOV restriction didn't apply on weekends.

The moral of the story? Speed limits that nobody obeys really do create disrespect for the law. No speed limits!


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