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Forward Wall

Before we start looking around at the maze world, let's take a moment and notice that there are a couple of features that are actually part of the eye.


The cube (or square) marks the boundary of the retina, beyond which we can't see anything, while the crosshairs indicate which way we're looking.

Now let's look at the simplest possible thing, a single wall right in front of us.


That's not much to look at, is it? Fortunately, we can easily change the wall's appearance using the view options. The picture above was made with only boundaries turned on; if we also turn on all the textures, we get the following.


That's better, but it will be a bit much when we start adding other walls to the picture. So, for the rest of the tour, we will use only texture number 7, like so.


The default within the game, by the way, is to use only texture number 8, but with boundaries turned off.