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Other Files


Before I show you the other files you can download, please allow me to explain a few things.

First, although there are two versions of the game, you almost certainly want the current version. The original version is here only for reference.

Second, although there are several files for each version, the files have exactly the same contents, just organized and packaged in different ways. There are two different forms of organization: an executable form (exe) that's easier to run, and an archive form (arc) that's easier to unpack and look at.

So, if you've downloaded the executable jar file and are looking for source code and copies of these web pages, guess what, you already have them! You still might want to grab one of the archive forms, though … the organization is better and you don't need to have any jar file tools.

Conversely, if you've downloaded one of the archive forms and want to run the game, here's how you do it.

  1. Unpack the archive file somewhere.
  2. Bring up a command prompt, terminal window, or whatever you call it.
  3. Change directories to maze/out
  4. Type the exact command java Maze

If you'd like to know more about the contents of the files, well, I wrote a few notes about that.

Finally, you might like to know that the files are all fairly small (about 0.5M) and that everything is free and in the public domain.

February 2008

This is the current version of the maze game.



In this version the following four technical problems were resolved.

  1. The define-key screen didn't work right in Java 1.4 and later.
  2. Graphics performance was poor in Java (1.)5 and later.
  3. The reset button incorrectly made the “Current” column appear.
  4. The game couldn't be packaged as an executable jar file.

In all other respects the game is exactly the same. Any file produced by the original version can be read by the current version, and vice versa.

October-November 2002

This is the unmodified original version of the maze game.

maze-2002-arc.tgz (was maze.tgz)


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