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Exceptions to the Tree Structure

Although the rule is that the pages in this site are arranged in a tree, there are a few exceptions. You might find it amusing to look for the exceptions before I give them away, in which case you should stop reading now.

First, since the number of actors and works is prohibitively large, the corresponding pages are not listed underneath their parent nodes, and as a result are accessible only through the indices or through references in essays.

Second, there are a few cases where a smaller work is a component of two or more larger works. To date, the only examples are short stories that appear in more than one collection. In such cases, the tree structure is obtained by arbitrarily picking one of the larger works to be the parent. The smaller work is still listed as a component of the other larger works, but these listings do not reflect the tree structure, and are marked with an asterisk to indicate this. As an example, see the listing for War Beneath the Tree under Gene Wolfe's Book of Days.

Finally, a couple of the indices on works have been converted into some kind of weird multidimensional tree structure so that alteration of the primary search parameter doesn't destroy the setting of the secondary search parameter(s). The most interesting example is the index By Rating, Medium, and Type. I don't know any good way to visualize this structure, but it sure works.


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